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Has anybody already read the books of Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse novels?
And if it's the case, how are they? I really like the serie True blood but I want to be sure before buying the books...
Anybody help?   :)
Thanks !!!
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On holidays

Hello my friends, just a little word to tell you that I was in Paris during five days and I'm only back for two days.
I'm on holidays for two weeks from Saturday ...
I'm going at the sea with my family, exploring, swimming, reading , dreaming, napping... well, enjoying life!! :)
I'm going to miss you all, take care of you!!
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I'm back!!

This is the end of my holidays, they were great !
How have you been my friends? Time for me to try to catch up with your posts, your stories... I hope I won't miss anything but...
Anyway! I'm back!!! :)
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Joyeux anniversaire Bagma!!!

Nous étions en train de charger la voiture pour partir au bord de la mer , lorsque tout à coup je me suis souvenue qu'aujourd'hui était ton anniversaire!! Alors bravant la désapprobation familiale: " tu ne vas pas allumer l'ordi maintenant!!" je me suis échappée pour te souhaiter tout le bonheur du monde comme dit la chanson!  :)
Bon anniversaire Bagma!!!!!!!!!!
*hugs tight*
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Well, this is it. I'm off for 15 days, on holidays, near the sea and far away from my beloved computer! I will find some "cyber café" of course but not every day, and I'm very afraid of missing some good chapters of my favourite stories!! ;)
I love you all.

I know I'm not on Lj as often as before but I always try to take a moment ,even if just half an hour per day , to read you, to be with you, to keep the contact!

So, I will miss you all.

( And especially for you Honey, have a great trip in UK!!! I will think of you , closer for a time but still so far away ... but one day this will change!! :)
*hugs tight*.
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Well, a lot of us have received or have posted this meme...
I post it too (well I answered okay at the last question so ;)
But I let you know my answers ( except the most personal ones) so we can speak about them already if you want to...and you won't have to post it again if you don't want to

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some french videos

Hello guys!!
Time for some French videos!!!

And first a special one forhoneyandvinegar , Josh Harnett this way:

Orli this way ( well just 5 seconds but! That's still him!)

Viggo this way:

The end for tonight... :)

Love you all!!
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